Sunchoke Chips

This is a recipe that isn’t really a recipe. Just a simple process to make an incredibly tasty little chip made out of sunchokes. If you haven’t heard of them, sunchokes are known as Jerusalem artichokes and have just the slightest artichoke flavor. When fried, they’re light and crisp with a beautiful golden appearance. I really like changing up the classic potato chip by using root vegetables. These would be a great addition to my Root Vegetables with Rosemary Salt.


Bay Scallops with Sweet Orange Glaze & Bok Choy

Once I tried Glory Kitchen’s Provence nut and spice mix for the first time, I was hooked. So much flavor is packed into one little perfectly sized container. The Provence blend contains cashews, dried currants, flax seeds, onion and an intriguing blend of herbs (thyme, marjoram, basil and savory) with just a touch of sea salt to bring out the other flavors.


Recipe eBook Now Available

My summer eBook is available for purchase! 8 chapters, 40 recipes & lots of pictures! The chapters include: what’s in season, summer spreads, from the sea, grill anything and everything, beat the heat, a little boost, fitness friendly and treat yourself. It’s available for $7.95, and you can immediately download it after purchase.

Head over to the “eBooks” tab to check it out. I hope you enjoy!

Banana Bread 5

Nut & Seed Banana Bread with Chai Tea Glaze

There’s nothing I love more than a hot mug of tea. I can’t remember a day where I didn’t drink tea at least once. At this point it’s become a simple habit, but it never fails to make me feel better than ever. Something about it is so incredibly soothing. I instantly feel relaxed after just one sip. And what makes it even better is having something small and sweet to eat with it.